Everything you need to know...

How do I schedule an appointment?

Scheduling an appointment is as easy as sending me an email through the contact button at the bottom of the page!  Simply let me know generally what you are looking for, when you are available, and whether you would like to use the Zoom or FaceTime video conferencing platforms.  I can also meet you in person at your work or favorite coffee shop.  I will respond to you within one business day and we can discuss any extra details from there!  Just have a question?  Please feel free to use that same contact button and ask away!

What type of jewelry can you make?

I run a fully functioning custom jewelry design studio that can create or source just about any piece of jewelry, including: Engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary bands, pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cuff links, mothers' jewelry, birthstone jewelry, etc. 

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Where do you make the jewelry?

The shop is located in Frederick, Colorado.  Because I want your jewelry to stay safe, I do not advertise the exact location of the shop and there is no signage indicating the type of work done in the building.    

How do I know what my piece of custom jewelry is going to look like? 

I use a computer program called Matrix.  It's a CAD (computer aided design) program that allows me to build you a three dimensional design. I can show you every detail of your design and make minor changes while we sit with you to give the most accurate visual of the final piece of jewelry that I can provide! 

How much does a consultation cost?

The first design consultation is absolutely free!  I don't ask for any payment information until you decide to make a piece of custom jewelry with me.  Once that is decided, there is a $100-$300 deposit to start the designs.  That $100-$300 is then taken off your final receipt when your jewelry is delivered to you!

Aspen tree birthstone pendant

Isn't custom jewelry a lot more expensive?

Custom jewelry can be more expensive than some jewelry you would buy from a store and walk out with that day.  This is because you get one on one, personalized attention and full control over the piece of jewelry we are designing.  We are making something one-of-a-kind and it takes more time and care than a piece of jewelry that has been mass manufactured.  I offer excellent customer service and will do whatever I can to make your experience and jewelry perfect.  I believe that is well worth the extra money!        

I can also provide the flexibility to make design changes to fit within a lot of different price ranges.  I make it a point to discuss your budget and create designs that honor whatever that price point is.

What kind of warranty do you offer on your jewelry?

I personally guarantee every piece of jewelry I create.  If there is any problem due to the construction of the piece, I will personally fix the issue at no cost to you.  That would cover things such as loose stones, lost stones, broken shanks or bands, etc. 


Of course, jewelry does naturally wear down as it is worn.  Any necessary repairs due to normal wear and tear will incur a charge.  Since you are one of my amazing clients, though, I will make sure the repair is done quickly and at a discount.  If there is an accident, such as dropping a ring in the garbage disposal, running over it with your car, etc, I will also make sure the repair is done quickly and at a discounted price.  Please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to go over the warranty policy with you.  

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Do you sell diamonds and gemstones?

Yes!  I sell both natural and lab grown diamonds, as well as, natural and lab grown gemstones.  I don't keep a lot of inventory, but I can get many different options for your projects through my suppliers.  In many cases, I let my clients pick their gemstone or diamond from a few different options.  

Can I work with jewelry I already have?

Absolutely!  In most cases I can use the gemstones or diamonds from jewelry you already own.  In some cases, I can also use the gold in a new design or I can give you credit towards your new piece of jewelry for the value of the metal (gold, platinum, or silver).  I LOVE remaking inherited or unworn jewelry into something new!