Introducing: "The Jewelry Tales"! An Informative AND Entertaining Blog About all Things Je

Hi there! My name is Virginia Hay-Arthur and I am going to do what millions of other like-minded people have done and start a blog!! Great idea, I know. But hey, I have noticed that most people have almost no idea what they are looking for (or what they should be looking for) when buying fine and not so fine jewelry. So I am introducing "The Jewelry Tales", a blog that will cover things like jewelry maintenance, jewelry design, pricing, appraising, gemstones and diamonds, online buying vs independent jewelry stores, jewelry cleaning, jewelry repair, buying secondhand jewelry, jewelry anatomy, engagement rings, types of jewelry, and a whole bunch of other fun and interesting topics!

At this point I am sure you are thinking, “who is this girl and what qualifies her to talk about all of those things?” Well, I am the owner of Virginia Ann Designs, an artisan custom jewelry business, a GIA certified Graduate Gemologist (I will go over what this means in one of my posts, but for now know that I am certified to look at diamonds and gemstones) and have worked in the industry as a bench jeweler, jewelry sales associate, jewelry appraiser, and jewelry designer. I want to help all of you amazing people wear beautiful, well-made jewelry, and this blog is going to give you all the tips, tricks, and general knowledge that you need to make good jewelry decisions. Questions are one of my most favorite things, so any question, observation, or sparkly idea, please send them my way!

I am going to end this first post with a bit of jewelry etiquette. This has happened to me many times before and I want to help you avoid the horrified sales associate desperately trying to hide their horror face. When you are going to give your ring to the sales associate, do not lick the ring and your finger to get the ring off!! Nobody wants to touch the ring you just licked…

Instead, ask the sales associate for a bit of assistance and they will most likely pull out a bottle of Windex, spray your finger, and slip your ring right off! Much more hygienic and you can use the same method at home!

Have a great week everyone!