What Does a Car and an Engagement Ring Have in Common?

It took me a while to decide what blog #2 would be about. The jewelry world is vast, but also full of nooks and crannies. Relevant and useful information can occasionally be hard to weed out… So let's talk cars!! (or at least an analogy involving cars, stay with me here)

Imagine this. You just bought your first new car. It’s clean, it’s shiny, it smells good, and works perfectly. The following weeks are bliss. You go everywhere together. You show your friends all the latest features. Then six months go by in a blur and that tiny light appears on your dashboard. It’s time to check your oil, but you figure the light must be premature and keep driving normally. Soon enough your beautiful, new, shiny car is making persistent, loud, and ugly noises. You finally bring it into the shop and the mechanic gives you a jaw dropping repair bill and smugly says, “well if you had brought your car in for that oil change…”

I know what you are thinking. “I would never be so neglectful of a new car!”, and that is probably (hopefully) true. How many of you, though, bring your favorite pieces of jewelry into a local jeweler to have them cleaned and checked? I am talking the jewelry you wear every day. Your engagement ring, your favorite diamond studs, the gold necklace your grandmother gave to you before she passed away. Daily use can put A LOT of wear and tear on your jewelry. In my years as a jeweler I have seen metal entirely worn off diamonds and gemstones, pendants that fell off the chain because there was nothing left of the bail*, and rings that split because the metal became too thin. All of these problems are repairable if they are caught in time. If you lose your engagement diamond, however, there is nothing the jeweler can do to bring it back.

Moral of the story: find a trusted, local jeweler, and bring them your most worn pieces of jewelry for clean and checks at least once every six months. Every jewelry store I have ever walked into, or worked for, will provide this service FOR FREE. Treat your jewelry how you would treat your car, and you will be wearing that ring, those earrings, and Grandma’s necklace for many years to come!

Have a great week everyone!

*a pendant bail is the ring or loop of metal that attaches the pendant to the chain